Vision and Mision


The University of Pristina is a higher education institution, globally recognized for professionalism, integrity, quality teaching, and research. In harmony with the needs of the economy and the market, it will establish and maintain quality standards, supporting the mobility and development of academic careers for staff and students, increasing the number of partners, and joining the European higher education network.



The mission of UP is based on academic development, scientific and artistic research, and the provision of higher education through programs of strategic and developmental interest to the Republic of Kosovo. The University enables the mobility of programs, students, and academic staff on an ongoing basis, intending to reach the international level and competition in the market.

The mission of the university is based on the aspirations of the country's citizens through quality assurance in higher education, academic, scientific, and artistic development, or disciplines of national interest for the Republic of Kosovo.

The University is an autonomous public institution of higher education, which develops academic education, scientific research, artistic creativity, professional counseling, and other areas of academic activities.

The University has the following goals:

• To act as an institutional and leading center for the advancement of knowledge, creative ideas, and science in the higher education system of Kosovo.
• To play the leading role in the development of education, science, culture, society, and economy of Kosovo.
• Help in the process of promoting citizen democracy.
• To aim to create and support the highest standards in the field of teaching and learning, scientific research, and artistic creativity.
• Use its resources as efficiently as possible.
• Cooperate maximally and participate in all higher education activities at the national, regional, and international levels.
• To promote and implement European standards for sustainable development.
• To be fully integrated into the European Higher Education Area, in the European Scientific Research Area and to undertake adequate reforming steps necessary to achieve this mission.
• To be oriented towards innovation and excellence in scientific research.