Vision and Mision


As a part of its vision, the University of Prishtina aims to deliver a higher education provision grounded in quality assurance, programs of study that respond to the need of the job market; to support students and staff international mobility within EU exchange programs; to increase cooperation with European higher education institutions. Furthermore, the UP aims to promote research in key areas that are crucial to Kosovo’s scientific, cultural and economic development.


The UP’s mission stems from the needs to achieve academic development , scientific research, artistic innovation aligned with strategic objectives and interests of the Republic of Kosovo.

In pursuing its mission, the UP aims to reach the following goals:

• To act as institutional and leadership centre for the advancement of scientific research, creativity and academic skills in the Kosovo’s higher education landscape.
• To deliver capacity building components in strategic areas of economic and technical development which are crucial to Kosovo’s institutions and industries.
• To promote excellence in areas of teaching and learning, equipping students with professional and academic competences.
• To make the best use of[ Irnetseornuartcioensa ml Ceoeotpinegra stitoann]dards of efficiency;
• To enhance participation and collaborative opportunities with national, regional and international higher education partners;
• To implement European standards for sustainable development;
• To fully integrate into the European Higher Education Framework in accordance with the Bologna Process.;
• To promote excellence in areas of scientific research and innovation.