Basic bachelor studies

The University of Prishtina, in accordance with the recommendations of the Bologna Process, offers studies in three cycles:

1. Basic studies - bachelor;
2. Master of study; scientific and professional (professional master's graduates cannot study for a scientific doctorate);
3. Doctoral studies.

Integrated programs are also offered in specific fields.

The university offers study programs in 14 academic units, which include:

  • Social sciences and humanities;
  • Educational sciences;
  • Technical and engineering sciences;
  • Natural, mathematical and biotechnical sciences;
  • Medicine, veterinary;
  • Arts;
  • Economy;
  • Law

Basic - bachelor studies last three (3) or four (4) years and require 180, 240 ECTS credits respectively. Upon completion of basic studies - bachelor's degree, the title "Bachelor of Science" or "Bachelor of Arts" is earned.

The unique criteria for the organization and conditions of enrollment in studies, the conditions of registration of the academic year, the duration of studies, the interconnections of studies, the procedure from the submission of requests, the elaboration to the defense of the thesis of the bachelor's degree, as well as other important issues for basic studies - bachelor's are regulated by the Regulation for Basic Studies, which you can find by clicking HERE.