The Steering Council

The Steering Council shall issue regulations in accordance with the Statute regarding:

- Disciplinary measures and procedure regarding staff;
- Staff’s salaries and employment conditions;
- Staff compensation when complaints are lodged;
- Suspension and dismissal of staff;
- Handling complaints regrading suspensions and dismissal;
- Determining students’ tuition fees following Rector’s proposal in consultation with the Senate, in accordance with ministerial policies;
- The establishment of principles for determining service fees to third parties;
- The election of the Rector among the five candidates proposed by the Senate;
- The election of Vice Rectors based on nominations by the Rector;
- Ensuring that the Statute’s general provisions are implemented;
- Deciding in matters regarding the university’s coat of arms, seal, flag and other institutional symbols, as well as propose the to ministry the format and contents of
diplomas, based on the Senate’s proposal.

The members of the UP’s governing Council are: