Student Representation

The Student Parliament is the highest representative body of students at the University of Prishtina. The composition of the Student Parliament is legitimized every two years, through student elections held at the university.

The representatives of the Student Parliament must present all the problems or requests of the students to the UP management, in which case many requests find solutions.

The Student Parliament promotes student life through cultural, scientific, and sports activities. Through the organization of Student Parliament clubs, it is possible to develop various projects on the university campus.

The structure of the Student Parliament consists of 17 deputies, 4 of whom are part of the leadership of the SP-UP, including the president, two vice presidents, and the general secretary.

The Student Parliament protects the interests of all students, without any eventual distinction, being an umbrella for assisting students.


Leading team:

Qlirim Hoti
Head of the parliament

Albë Lala

Bleron Beka

Albin Halimi
Secretary General