Besfort Krasniqi (MSc.)

Besfort Krasniqi (MSc.)

Acting Secretary General at the UP



The Secretary General is the highest executive and administrative official of the university whose duties are defined by the UP’s Statute and detailed by a contract signed by the Rector.
Based on the UP’s Statute, the Secretary General shall be responsible for:

• Heading the Central Administration;
• Heading secretaries at faculty level;
• Ensuring the effective, financial management of the university;
• Heading directors of departments within the Central Administration;
• Supervising and organizing the technical budget and its processes;
• Dealing with matters raised by the Steering Council and the Rector.

The Secretary General is accountable for all administrative and economic aspects of the university management.

In addition, he is accountable for all matters that are not within the competences of other bodies.

In order to fulfil his duties, the Secretary General should possess:

• An academic degree, including a Master level qualification, equivalent to a minimum of four-year studies;
• Professional skills from the field of law;
• Five years of professional work experience;
• A proven track record of organisational and managerial skills;
• Sufficient knowledge regrading educational, artistic and research processes.