The Senate is the highest academic body of the university, and it is made up of the following voting members:

• The Rector.
• The Vice Rectors.
• The Deans of all academic units.
• One member elected from the academic staff from each academic unit.
• Seven members elected by the Students’ Parliament who should be fulltime students at the university.
• Two members elected from non-academic staff
• The Secretary General as a permanent non-voting member.

Current Members of the Senate
Ex-officio Members
Prof. Dr. Qerim Qerimi - Rector
Besfort Krasniqi (MSc) - Secretary General

Senators from the Academic Faculties:
Faculty of Philosophy
Prof. Assoc Dr. Dashamir Bërxulli - Dean | Prof.Sr. Bujar Dugolli - Senator

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Prof. Dr. Idriz Vehapi - Dean | Prof. Assoc. Dr. Musaj Paçarizi - Senator

Faculty of Philology
Prof. Dr. Lindita Rugova - Dean | Prof.Assoc. Dr. Muhamet Hamiti - Senator

Faculty of Law
Prof. Assoc. Dr. Avni Puka - Dean | Prof. Assoc. Dr. Qerkin Berisha - Senator

Faculty of Economics
Prof. Assoc. Dr. Driton Balaj - Dean | Prof. Assoc. Dr. Liridon Veliu - Senator

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Prof. Assoc .Dr. Florim Grajçevci - Dean | Prof. Dr. Abdullah Zejnullahu - Senator

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Shala - Dean | Prof. Dr. Beqir Hamidi - Senator

Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Suzana Manxhuka-Kërliu - Dean | Prof. Assoc. Dr. Feim Haliti - Senator

Faculty of Fine Arts
Prof. Assoc. Hazir Haziri - Dean | Prof. Dr. Valton Beqiri - Senator

Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Prof. Assoc. Dr. Bedri Dragusha - Dean | Prof. Dr. Kurtesh Sherifi - Senator

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
Prof. Assoc. Dr. Musa Selimi - Dean | Prof. Assoc. Dr. Shqipe Bajçinca-Brestovci - Senator

Faculty of Education
Prof. Assoc. Dr. Blerim Saqipi - Dean | Prof. Assoc. Dr. Arlinda Beka - Senator

Senators from administrative ranks
Fidan Hamiti | Hilmi Vardari

Senators from the Students Parliament
Erzen Hyseni - Student Parliament - ex officio