Central Administration

The Central Administration of the university is responsible for professional, administrative, and technical issues related to:

- Education, scientific research, and artistic work.
- Administration of studies recognition.
- Personnel administration.
- Legal aspects.
- The developmental plan of the university.
- Accounting and finance.
- Property maintenance and documentation.
- Files.
- Circulation of goods.
- Information system management.
- Central database.
- Other general aspects of the university administration.


Within the Central Administration function the following:

- Law office.
- Personnel Office.
- Information Technology Office.
- Budget and Finance Office.
- Internal Audit Office.
- Procurement Office.
- Office for Academic Affairs.
- Office for Science and Sponsored Research.
- Office for Academic Development and Quality.
- Student Services Office.
- Office for Foreign Relations.
- Center for Human Rights and Gender Equality.
- Center for Lifelong Learning.
- Center for Excellence in Teaching.
- Center for Energy and Sustainability.
- Center for Career Development.
- Central University Library.

The Central Library of the university is an organizational unit within the UP.

Administration officials are at the service of UP students and staff.

The official working hours of CA are 08:00 - 16:00, from Monday to Friday, except for official holidays.