For Students

Why become UP?

The University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina" is the first choice for Kosovar students. UP is a public institution, the most prestigious of higher education, and the largest in the Albanian-speaking area. Due to its five-decade history, our university is recognized as a safe and stable choice for studies, which offers an extensive list of academic programs. UP is in the center of the capital, on the largest campus in Kosovo, serving as a center of academic and professional activities in the country, with the most eminent professors in the fields.


  • The leading university in the country.
  • Outstanding for the high quality of studies.
  • Lower fees for students.
  • Wide campus – in the center of the capital.
  • Outstanding for international cooperation.
  • The main base of scientific research in the country.
  • Eminent academic staff with high academic preparation.
  • University with the highest publication rate in internationally recognized journals.
  • The educational institution with the highest level of participation in European projects.
  • Oriented towards preparing young people for the labor market.
  • The vast majority of graduates in Kosovo are UP alumni.

UP in numbers: