Advancing European Integration Studies in Kosovo

This project will support a Jean Monet Chair at the Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina, Kosovo. The project will consolidate and strengthen the EU Integration courses at Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level in the Faculty of Economics and will extend this to three other Faculties of University of Prishtina and other public universities in Kosovo.

The project also aims at strengthening research on EU related topics by encouraging the PhD students at the Faculty of Economics to enroll on EU Integration course and to choose EU-related subjects for their Dissertation. The project will enable the transfer of knowledge from the academia to policy makers through the organization of a programme of seminars for the civil servants involved in the EU integration process, the implementation of SAA and the IPA activities. In addition, a series of seminars and events will be aimed at raising the awareness of the civil society and the general public about the EU integration process and its implications for Kosovo.

Prof Gazmend Qorraj as a Chairholder will implement this project. The project will be supported also by the collaboration with three international experts from France, Slovenia and United Kingdom who will participate in teaching, supervision of PhD students and public events.

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