The Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education offers two programs in master studies, as listed below:

  • Master of Education Sciences (with specialization) – MA, 120 ECTS


  • Pedagogical Counseling
  • Inclusive Education
  • Leadership in Education
  • Teaching and Curriculum

The purpose of the program is to equip students with the relevant skills and knowledge to be able to work in a variety of educational settings. The program is based on the concept of 'evidence-based teaching' and practice-based teaching. The program is designed with the need to combine the theoretical approach and practical training to practice the profession. In addition to certain theoretical courses, the program also includes the practical part in an educational institution, as well as a research seminar aimed at developing students' research skills. The program is organized in such a way that in the first year of study is the same for all specializations (with the possibility of choosing several elective courses) providing a more coherent structure of education of professionals in the field of education. Furthermore, the joint part of the program is organized in such a way as to address the specifics of each specialization.

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  • Master of Subject Teaching (with specialization) – MA, 120 ECTS


  • Teaching Mathematics
  • Teaching Physics
  • Teaching Chemistry
  • Teaching Biology
  • Teaching History
  • Teaching Geography
  • Teaching Technology and ICT
  • Teaching Albanian Language and Literature

The overall goal of the Master program in Subject Teaching is to further advance the modern competencies of teaching and pedagogical practice, in addition to the academic ones, taking into account the prior education of the student and the needs of each profile in subject teaching. The main purpose of this program is to provide essential education for the preparation of subject teachers. Through this program, students will gain knowledge of contemporary teaching, will develop their skills and competencies to link the course content to those of other curricular areas, to problems in everyday life, to effective pedagogy and reflective practice.

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