The Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine offers five bachelor study programs listed below:

  • General Medicine – Dr. Med. 360 ECTS

Currently, the Faculty of Medicine (Department of General Medicine), within the University of Prishtina is the most prestigious and attractive faculty for students in the country. Every year, hundreds of the top high school students in Kosovo compete to become part of the Faculty of Medicine, General Medicine Program, with a competition of 8-10 students for one position.

The main objectives of the General Medicine Department of the Faculty of Medicine are:

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of teaching and learning by applying interactive methods with the student at the center;
  • Achieving clinical and laboratory skills and performance for independent work;
  • Development of research capacities and research work;
  • Preparing students for international exchanges with higher education institutions in Europe and beyond;
  • Providing modern infrastructure for quality education.

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  • Dentistry – Dr. Dent. 360 ECTS

The Department of Dentistry of the Faculty of Medicine, together with UDCCK is the only tertiary and reference center whom provide dental and oral health services in Kosovo. This institution reached an enviable level of development, where are organized the teaching of integrated undergraduate studies in dentistry, postgraduate doctoral studies (PhD) and specialist postgraduate education, in all dental fields.

The main objectives of the integrated studies program of Dentistry are:

  • Knowledge of the basic biological, medical, technical and clinical sciences of dentistry in order to recognize the difference between normal and pathological circumstances, which are related to clinical practice;
  • Ability to understand and solve problems, decision-making, program design and implementation, evaluation;
  • Demonstrate professional skills and attitude;
  • Show professional responsibilities
  • Demonstrate the ability to find, analyze, evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources;
  • Be able to use modern technology;

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  • Pharmacy - Mr. Ph. 300 ECTS

The Pharmacy program is an integral part of the Faculty of Medicine since 1996.

The Pharmacy program meets the criteria set out in European Directive 2005/36 / EC, Article 44, point 2. The Pharmacy program aims to provide enhanced knowledge on the development, production, quality assurance, composition, preparation and storage, biological effects and interactions of drugs and their safe use. Graduated pharmacists are trained to independently carry out scientific activities, including their planning and implementation. They should be able to integrate scientific methods and the findings of the pharmaceutical sciences, as well as in collaboration with the relevant natural sciences to transfer or apply them to other relevant fields. In particular, they will also possess the knowledge and skills necessary to inform, educate and advise patients and physicians on all relevant aspects of Pharmacy.

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  • Physiotherapy – BSc 180 ECTS

The mission of the Bachelor Program in Physiotherapy is to educate and support students, who will graduate with defined and demonstrated professional qualities and competencies, with basic knowledge in varied fields of Physiotherapy in order to advance the health and well-being through theoretical and practical preparation.

The main objectives of organizing and continuing study program of Physiotherapy are:

  • The need for the professionals in the field of physical therapy and other disciplines that provide holistic approach to health, to be studied interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary manner within the Faculty of Medicine;
  • Understand the biological, physical and behavioural sciences which underpin physiotherapy
  • Use their knowledge and expertise to promote the health and well-being of individual clients, communities, populations and the profession.
  • The possibility of an academic education of primary level
  • Understand the biological, physical and behavioural sciences which underpin physiotherapy
  • Increased population need for services in this field;
  • To ensure a better health care services;
  • To provide service of the highest quality in this area.
  • Preserving the highest, evidence-based standards of effective student learning

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  • Nursing – BSc 180 ECTS

Program of Nursing is aimed in education and capacity enhancement of students in the field of nursing in accordance with professional competences and towards the international standards of graduated in nursing health education. Graduate nurses in the nursing health profession, are employees responsible in providing general nursing assistance in response to the health problems of the individual and the community, and at the same time are able to provide preventive, curative, comforting and rehabilitation nursing care.

The mission of Nursing Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” is to implement a European high-quality curriculum with qualified teachers and contemporary methodologies that enable the achievement of European standards for the education of future nursing health professionals by linking learning with research through the outcome of measurable and of quality knowledge skills and competencies.

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