Fakulteti i Arkitekturës

Lista e punimeve në Fakultetin e Arkitektures të botuara në revistat shkencore të indeksuara në SCOPUS – 2021

List of scientific papers in the Faculty of Architechture published in scientific journals indexed in SCOPUS – 2021

  1. Basha-Jakupi, A., Hajrizi, D. and Zeka, D. (2021) ‘Rehabilitation of soil through botanical gardens as a practical interplay between learning spaces and healthy places in urban environments’, Future Cities and Environment, 7(1). doi: 10.5334/fce.132.
  2. Dugolli, M. (2021) ‘Occupational, health and safety situation at small and medium enterprises in Kosovo, contextual factors, barriers, drivers and intervention process’, International Review of Applied Sciences and Engineering, 12(1), pp. 19–28. doi: 10.1556/1848.2020.00110.