Fakulteti i Inxhinierisë Elektrike dhe Kompjuterike

Lista e punimeve në Fakultetin e Inxhinierisë Elektrike dhe Kompjuterike të botuara në revistat shkencore të indeksuara në SCOPUS – 2021

List of scientific papers in the Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering published in scientific journals indexed in SCOPUS – 2021


  1. Alimehaj, V. et al. (2021) ‘Analysing and comparing the digital seal according to eIDAS regulation with and without blockchain technology’, International Journal of Information and Computer Security, 14(2), pp. 171–191. doi: 10.1504/IJICS.2021.113174.
  2. Bytyçi, E., Berisha, A. and Geci, F. (2021) ‘Coarse-Grained Genetic Algorithm for Flexible Job Scheduling Problem’, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 1383 AISC, pp. 94–102. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-73689-7_10. (Int. Conference).
  3. Bytyçi, E., Rogova, E. and Beqa, E. (2021) ‘Combination of Genetic and Random Restart Hill Climbing Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem’, Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, 76, pp. 601–612. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-79357-9_57. (Int. Conference).
  4. Kastrati, Z. et al. (2021) ‘A deep learning sentiment analyser for social media comments in low-resource languages’, Electronics (Switzerland), 10(10). doi: 10.3390/electronics10101133.
  5. Siddall, R. et al. (2021) ‘Compliance, mass distribution and contact forces in cursorial and scansorial locomotion with biorobotic physical models’, Advanced Robotics, 35(7), pp. 437–449. doi: 10.1080/01691864.2021.1887760.
  6. Shabani, I. et al. (2021) ‘Design of Modern Distributed Systems based on Microservices Architecture’, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 12(2), pp. 153–159. doi: 10.14569/IJACSA.2021.0120220.
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