Fakulteti Juridik

Lista e punimeve në Fakultetin Juridik të botuara në revistat shkencore të indeksuara në SCOPUS – 2021

List of scientific papers in the Faculty of Law published in scientific journals indexed in SCOPUS – 2021

  1. Aliu, F., Nadirov, O. and Nuhiu, A. (2021) ‘Elements indicating stock price movements: The case of the companies listed on the v4 stock exchanges’, Journal of Business Economics and Management, 22(2), pp. 503–517. doi: 10.3846/jbem.2021.14181.
  2. Paplekaj, E. (2021a) ‘Amendments beyond traditional borders and the role of globalisation in the constitutional changes’, International Journal of Public Law and Policy, 7(2), pp. 170–182. doi: 10.1504/IJPLAP.2021.115927.
  3. Paplekaj, E. (2021b) ‘Legitimisation of autocracy in Turkey and russia through the review of the constitution’, Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 7(2), pp. 43–60. doi: 10.47305/JLIA21720043P.
  4. Qerimi, Q. (2021a) ‘Dignity in transition: the constitutional and operational potential and limits of human dignity seen from the lens of post-conflict societies’, International Journal of Human Rights, 25(8), pp. 1211–1232. doi: 10.1080/13642987.2020.1816970.
  5. Qerimi, Q. (2021b) ‘Smart Technologies, Human Security and Global Justice’, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, 155, pp. 701–713. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-59126-7_78.
  6. Qerimi, Q. and Sergi, B. S. (2021) ‘Let’s lessen conditionality in times of force majeure events. The archaic righteousness of the policy of conditionality of international Institutions amid COVID-19’, Research in International Business and Finance, 58. doi: 10.1016/j.ribaf.2021.101459.
  7. Vlahna, K. and Kuçi, H. (2021) ‘Property rights with special emphasis on the right of servitude according to the legislation in Kosovo with a comparative view with some European countries’, Review of International Geographical Education Online, 11(8), pp. 1761–1769. doi: 10.48047/rigeo.11.08.151.