Call PoSIG Teacher Academy 2024: Sectoral Integration: New Ways to EU Membership?

08 Dhjetor 2023

The PoSIG Teacher Academy 2024 will discuss prospects and challenges of these approaches to sectoral integration and will search for concepts to research and teaching of sectoral integration.

Teacher Academy - Goals:

Identification of joint interests in research/research collaboration or teaching on this issue. Therefore, a paper has to be presented.

To bring participants up to date on research in the field to boost their teaching.

To identify HE strategies using the Erasmus + and H2020 environment of the next EU budget periode.

Invited presenter: Teacher and researcher in Political Science / International Relations working in this field or interested in training in this field.

Nomination of candidates for Erasmus+ KA 171 grants: By the sending institution after selection of candidates by the hosting partner institution 27 February 2024.

Erasmus+ KA 131 staff mobility grants of participants are supported.

Placements for trainees on the topic of the TA can be added depending on available grant resources until End May 2024.

The topics discussed should be:

•           Which sectors/ policy fields seem most promising for sectoral integration? On which already existing achievements (e.g. in the field of energy networks, education, telecommunication and roaming) can this sectoral integration build? Which Roadmap to sectoral (and further) full integration could the different Western Balkan states propose? Which synergies would this create in the region?

•           What are the challenges of sectoral integration? Would the functional logic over “ever deeper integration” work and can we expect spill-over effects between sectors? How could sectoral integration affect the struggle on the “Fundamentals” (rule of law, efficient and transparent administration, anti-corruption mechanisms)?

•           Which institutional challenges might arise? Is there a need for new institutions? Which reforms of already existing European structures and institutions would be necessary for sectoral integration to be successful? Is there a need for a change of the EU treaties? And how can successful be measured? Is quantification the solution concerning the assessment of progress of candidate countries?

•           Can models of sectoral or staged integration revitalize the integration process and provide new pathways to EU membership?

•           Beyond the political discourse about the size, institutional arrangements and time plans for the EU enlargement process we want to identify relevant indicators for successful integration. In the PoSIG Teacher Academy 2024 we will search for concepts to research and teach sectoral integration opportunities.

The PoSIG Teacher Academy 2024 will be organized in cooperation with   

Dates and requirements:

Date: 21-24 October 2024

Contacts University of Salzburg:

Academic coordination: [email protected]

Coordination: [email protected]

Technical implementation: [email protected]

Deadline for submission of papers is 31 January 2024 to: [email protected]