Call for participants - World House Program 2024 -Rondine Cittadella della Pace, Italy

29 Janar 2024

It is within Rondine that the primary educational projects are developed, providing a dual opportunity to participants: the regeneration of the inner selves and the enhancement of leadership skills. These skills are intended to benefit both the individuals themselves and their communities, working towards the greater good.

Rondine bases its educational programs and activities on the method for creative conflict transformation, the Rondine Method - the relational approach to conflict, encompassing the practices derived from two decades of psycho-pedagogical research, academically validated. It is structured around the discovery of the “enemy” as a deception that hinders communication and reciprocal compassion.

To put this vision into practice, Rondine finalizes training to create professionally prepared and humanly motivated youth to enact positive changes in their own communities.

The World House is an 18-month fellowship program – starting with a 3-month inception phase online and 15 months on campus, in Italy. Later, Rondine will select committed students for an additional 6-month training aimed at project development and local impact (under specific conditions, see “The Social Impact Semester” section).

Main outputs

After the full completion of the program as a World House fellow, you will receive:

1- An Academic Degree (M1)

2- Certificate of Achievement of the World House Program

3- Become a member of Rondine International Peace Lab, the alumni network

4- Impact Project - Well designed and ready to implement (if in the Social Impact Semester)

Economic conditions

During the residential phases of the program, the Association takes responsibility for covering the

following costs:

- Training and engagement activities at Rondine (including the online phase);

- Food and accommodation;

- University tuition and related expenses (learning material, transportation, etc.);

- Health insurance, residence permit.

Expenses under the responsibility of the student include the travel expenses to/from Italy and visa procedures, holiday travels, personal and medical expenses, and any other costs not specifically mentioned among those covered by the Association.

The same conditions apply to the Social Impact Semester.

 Eligibility criteria

  • Aged between 21- 28
  • Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree (or earned by July 2024)
  • Engaged in civil society, willing to bring a positive change in their communities and the world
  • We strongly recommend youth showing predisposition to the following characteristics to apply:
  • Sensibility and readiness to work on the topics of conflict of the country of origin and conflicts in general
  • Leadership, goal-oriented
  • Recognize and express emotions (theirs and in a group)
  • Community life
  • Public speaking and communication
  • Team work, active listening and proactivity
  • Volunteering and community engagement
  • Knowledge about civil society and the non- profit sector

Sensibility to major global issues

Italian is the official language for communication and activities in Rondine, but it is not a

precondition to apply. Later, as part of the selection process, candidates shall demonstrate they

have a basic knowledge of Italian.

Knowledge of English is desirable for profitable participation in the program.

For more information, visit link: - FAQ section.

For additional information, send your questions to [email protected].

Deadline: February 26, 2024

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