Internship program at the Career Development Center of the University of Prishtina

At the Career Center of the University of Prishtina, we look for young people (interns) open for cultural exchange and interested in career services. The internship program is a good opportunity to learn about career development and counseling, gain valuable skills in event planning and research, and contribute to the success of our center and services. The duration of internship may vary from 6-12 month.

The duties and responsibilities of interns at our university career center are:

1.         Assist with individual and group career counseling. Interns will help career counselors with appointments by conducting initial assessments, gathering and organizing information, and following up with students.

2.         Organize career activities. Interns will help plan and execute career events, such as job and career fairs, networking events, workshops, info sessions, etc. This could involve creating and maintaining contact with employers, promoting events to students, and working on event logistics.

3.         Conduct research with students, employers and alumni. Interns will be tasked with conducting research on various career-related topics, such as first destinations survey with alumni, job market trends, employer profiles, etc.

4.         Develop career resources. Interns will help students and alumni to create or update career resources, such as CVs, cover letters, and preparing for job interview. Also, the interns will assist the CC staff to update our Online Career Platform “e-Karriera”.

5.         Assist with marketing and outreach. Interns will help promote the career center's services and events through social media, emails, and other outreach methods.

6.         Provide administrative support. Interns will be responsible for answering phones, scheduling appointments, and responding to emails. They may also assist with data entry, record keeping, and other administrative tasks.

Potential benefits that interns can gain during this international internship:

  • Professional development. The interns are provided with opportunities to gain valuable work experience and develop professional skills.
  • Interns will meet professionals and build a network of contacts across different study programs and industries.
  • Personal growth. Our internship program will foster interns’ personal growth and independence. They will build self-confidence and resilience.
  • Cultural immersion. The internship program is a good opportunity to experience a new culture, increase cultural awareness and enhance cross-cultural communication skills.