4 ERASMUS+ Scholarships for BA-Students at the University of Vechta (Germany)

01 Nëntor 2023

As part of the EU-Programme ERASMUS+ Mobility with Partner Countries we offer 4 scholarships for BA-degree students studying German or English for the summer semester 2024 (duration 01.04.2024 – 30.09.2024) at the University of Vechta in Germany. The scholarships will be paid until the end of the lecture period on July 13, 2024.

The University of Vechta is located at the heart of Northwest Lower Saxony in Germany. Cosmopolitan, personal, familial – today the University of Vechta is a youthful, modern campus university with excellent conditions for studying and a clearly delineated profile. For more than 5000 students, the campus offers a familial atmosphere conveniently coupled with the infrastructure of a modern university.

Further information is available on the university webpage: http://www.uni-vechta.de

Information on the faculties is available here:

German studies:


English studies:


For a list of possible modules please contact the International Office, [email protected]

You can find a list with all courses offered in English language here: English courses - WiSe 2023/2024 - Universität Vechta (uni-vechta.de)

Please keep in mind that not all courses offered in a subject are offered every semester. Most classes will be taught in person. However, some classes may be taught online.

Students participating in the ERASMUS+ Programme are exempted from tuition fees. However, a semester service fee of currently 201,90 EUR will have to be paid upon arrival. Please keep in mind that the semester service fee may be higher. It is an administration fee for the Student Services Organisation (Studentenwerk), the Students’ Union Executive Committee (AStA) and includes free pass for local trains in Lower Saxony (Semesterticket) and perk use of the refectory/dining hall.

Students will receive a monthly grant of 850 EUR as well as a one-off travel allowance of 275 EUR. Half a monthly grant and the travel allowance will be paid in cash upon arrival in Vechta when signing the Grant Agreement. The remaining grant is paid monthly. The last monthly installment will be paid during the final month of your stay after completion of all ERASMUS+ formalities.

Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from BA-students enrolled in the German or English study programme from the third BA-semester onwards of the University of Prishtina.

Which requirements are necessary?

  • applicantshavetobeenrolledasafull-time-studentattheUniversityofPrishtinainaBA-programmethatwill lead toan accepteddegree;
  • thefirstyearofstudyneedstobecompletedatthe timeofapplication;
  • thegrantistiedtoasuccessfulcompletionofafullsemesterattheUniversityofVechta;
  • aminimumof15 CP will havetobecompletedduringyour Erasmus+stay;
  • scholarshipholdersmustnotreceivefinancialsupportfromanyanotherEU-programmeatthesametimeorparticipatedinthe Erasmus-programbefore

Required documents for the application:

The application has to be handed in either in English or German. All documents have to be sent in electronically as one pdf-file.

What offers the ERASMUS+ Programme in addition?

  • The academic recognition of the completed credits from the visiting university asagreedinthe LearningAgreement
  • Accesstoalmostall coursestaughtattheUniversityofVechta
  • An accommodation data base and personal assistance in finding an apartment or aroomin aflatshare
  • Participation in the Smoother Start Program, the orientation weeks for internationalstudents,includingan intensive German language course,an interculturaltrainingandassistancewithformalities
  • CoursesinGermanasaforeign language
  • Atandemlanguagelearningprogram
  • OrganizedexcursionsinLowerSaxony
  • Freeuniversitysports

Participation in the Smoother Start Program is mandatory. The arrival in Vechta should therefore take place about 2 weeks before the start of the semester.

Assessment of the applications

A selection committee with members of both universities will assess the applications. Application deadline: 15.11.2023

Please contact your Erasmus+ coordinator first and - after consultation with your Erasmus+ coordinator - send your application as one single PDF to both, Mrs. Susanne Schöfer: [email protected] and Mrs. Sarah Winkler: sarah.winkler@uni- vechta.de.

If you need any further information please feel free to contact us or ask your Erasmus+ Coordinator.