Access and Admission

What procedures should be passed by an international student to apply and enrol at the University of Prishtina as a regular student?


Required documents for the application at the University of Prishtina:

The acceptance of students at the University of Prishtina is done on an equal basis for all candidates, with the necessary paperwork for both local and international candidates being their birth extract (not older than 6 months), report cards of every year of high school, as well as their high school diploma. These documents must be original, duplicated or notarized.

In addition to said documents, the online application must be downloaded (see link) in order to apply online: http// 


Legalization of documents:

Foreign candidates must legalize their documents in affiliated institutions in their home country before applying to the University of Prishtina.


Should the previous education be equivalated to our system?

Candidates who apply to study at the University of Prishtina should provide evidence on the recognition of schooling abroad.  The list of pre-university institutions is provided at the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation from the Central Administration of UP. The candidates who cannot provide this evidence at the time of online applications, must provide it during the in person application.

When applying to the University of Prishtina, foreign candidates must also provide a testimony which proves the equivalence of their diploma, which can be found at the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, meanwhile the equivalency (translation) of grades is done by the Academic Development Office, which is found at the Philological Faculty on the second floor, number 107.


Level of Albanian/English required to study in UP:

The University of Prishtina has not defined a certain level of language required by foreign candidates, because the University ensures the preparation of entry exams in the language that candidates have completed their education in, or even in the language that the candidate has stated on their own declaration, except in specific cases, where the exam will be prepared in the language in which the programme is held (e.g.) in programmes at the Faculty of Philology: English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature and Orientals.

Should foreign candidates take an entry exam such as local students?

Foreign candidates who apply at the university of Prishtina must undergo the entrance exam, as well as the local students.


Tuition fee

Candidates who apply will not pay the registration fee and neither the tuition fee.