Prishtina International Summer University 2023

Information Guide for Students

University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” Prishtina International Summer University: Call for Academic Staff


Kohei Arai

Saga University, Japan
The Summer University is quit valuable for all stakeholder, students, lectures, organizer, etc. Kosovo is not well known to foreign countries, despite having a long and interesting history, a rich natural environment, and tourism resources, as well as a wonderful educational environment.
From this, it is significant to promote these good points through the Summer University.
I was able to experience a rich natural environment, safe and friendly national character and have a very good time.

Edward Muntean

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj Napoca/ Faculty of Food Sciences and Technology, Romania
The Summer University was very well organized, including even excursions and clubbing. I found students interested in the subject, hospitality, good food, a warm and friendly ambience, good teaching infrastructure, nice downtown terraces with unbelievable good coffee and incredible burreks, accessible prices.
Organizing such an event is a good initiative for both academic marketing and promoting the image of your country.

Sherein Salem

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University
My experience with PISU was just amazing, I have enjoyed teaching to my students who were very interested in and highly interactive to my course topics, I have enjoyed exchanging culture and make new friends with Kosovan colleagues professors and international colleagues professors as well, I have also discussed many cooperation opportunities with my Kosovan colleagues professors and we have already applied and get accepted in a grant from the Ministry of education, science and Technology department, Republic of Kosovo.
PISU is an integrated program that combines science, cultural, and social interaction. The agenda of the program was meticulously organized and includes all activities which is not limited to scientific and cultural activities only but is also concerned with raising the efficiency of the participants and providing them with many personal and professional skills.
I was really impressed with the kind hosting, availability of all facilities and speed of response to all requests, so that I never felt that I was in a foreign country at all.

Tzvetelin Gueorguiev

University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”, Bulgaria
I think that the organizers of the Summer University in Kosovo invest a significant amount of skills and efforts into making UPISU a memorable and a learning experience for students and professors alike. During my first summer in Prishtina I was amazed by the knowledgeable, skillful and capable students I was appointed to teach. My students represented a balanced mix of local and international students coming from distant counties like Nigeria and Malaysia.
My students demonstrated genuine desire to learn and used my course to enhance