A delegation from the James Madison University visits UP, a lecture will be held on the study opportunities there

08 Mars 2023

In the premises of the Rectorate of the University of Prishtina, the Rector, Prof. Dr. Qerim Qerimi, and the Vice-Rector, Arta Basha Jakupi, met with a delegation from the James Madison University (JMU) from the United States, and they discussed the continuation and intensification of cooperation between these two universities.

"To expand their influence and engagement, universities need to create strong partnerships with universities and individuals such as you, representatives from JMU. The importance of implementing previously signed agreements is a priority in UP's internationalization strategy," said Rector Qerimi.

The JMU representatives, accompanied by former UP student, Xixëllonjë Nebihu, a beneficiary of a scholarship offered by JMU and currently a student at this university, presented the fields of interest for cooperation, ranging from student and academic staff exchange opportunities to joint application in scientific projects and capacity-building projects.

In the following meetings, the JMU representatives were also welcomed by the Office for International Relations within UP, where discussions continued on the implementation of cooperation, and among other things, the participation of JMU academic staff and students in the Summer University of UP was also discussed.

Referring to previous joint initiatives and opportunities currently offered by UP, JMU will hold an informative session, today on 08.03.2023, at 14:00 in the Idriz Ajeti room at the Faculty of Philology, for the study opportunities and scholarships that this university offers to Kosovar students, especially UP students.