Empowering Innovation: Venture UP Creates 57 New Businesses

01 Gusht 2023

Venture UP is the place where 57 new businesses have been established. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of the University of Prishtina has been serving as a bridge between higher education and the job market since 2017, with its main objectives being the facilitation of integrating students into the job market and the establishment of start-up businesses by them.

In VentureUP, around 500 students have completed the incubation program, resulting in a total of 57 new businesses being created. These new businesses have offered solutions to various societal problems, including low-cost travel, environmental protection, management, mental and physical health support, and more. Notably, some of these businesses have been founded by women. Some successful businesses in the market, which are outcomes of VentureUP programs, include:

- Udhë: A platform and application that connects commuters with common destinations, used by 30,000 members.

- Eco Solution Research: A business led by girls that enables the recycling of food waste and the production of organic waste and gas.

- TE Pema: A business that enables the installation of green facades in spaces to reduce cooling energy costs.

- Codon: An online platform that enables the management of healthcare institutions.

- Hajde Folim: A business led by girls that offers mental health support through an online platform and application.


According to Rector Qerim Qerimi, the outcomes of VentureUP showcase the dedicated efforts and achievements made in advancing the realization of goals to develop and transform UP into a hub of innovation and excellence.

As a result of the work in VentureUP and in collaboration with many local and international partners, this center has become the first and main address for young entrepreneurs in Kosovo who wish to develop and establish new innovative businesses, enhance their skills, and ensure employment in the job market.