For the first time, the University of Prishtina will award scholarships to international students

28 Korrik 2023

Students from different countries around the world who decide to pursue their academic journey at the University of Prishtina, starting from the next academic year will benefit from study scholarships provided by the institution. In the latest meeting of the University Steering Board, a budget allocation of 21,000 euros was approved for international students.

This represents an additional measure taken by the University of Prishtina with the aim of further internationalizing the institution, which has recently made significant progress in this direction.

The decision to award scholarships to international students follows the choice to award scholarships for the first time to master's and doctoral students, as well as the financial support provided to students with disabilities.

UP is an outstanding institution with a diverse range of academic programs to choose from. With its 14 academic units, UP is a top university in the region, providing students with a plethora of academic paths to explore.