The University of Pristina records an increase of over 12 thousand citations according to Cybermetrics Lab

31 Janar 2023

In the last update of January 2023, made by Cybermetrics Lab, which is part of the National Research Council of Spain, the University of Pristina has recorded a total of 56518 citations in "Google Scholar Citations". This number marks an increase of 12,288 citations from the last publication made in July 2022, in which UP had 44,230 citations.

The method followed in this edition, in the transparency category, was based on the collection of citations from the top 310 public profiles of the most cited authors, excluding the first 30. This method ensures independence from the influence of the size of the institution and representativeness from the remaining profiles.

Such metrics undoubtedly play an important role, not only in the ranking, but also in the international image of the university.

Finally, the rector of the University of Pristina, prof. dr. Qerim Qerimi, has met the professors with the highest number of citations in the university, expressing the institutional appreciation and gratitude, as well as transmitting the message that such a result is not only achievable for colleagues, but it is possible to be even more exalted.

In order to improve the international ranking of the University of Pristina and to determine its real research strength, a number of actions have already been taken, including the correction and registration of the profiles of the members of the academic staff with the official address of the university in "Google Scholar ". While at the same time, other actions are being taken, such as the creation of access to academic databases and support for research projects, with the aim of raising and evaluating scientific work at the University of Pristina.