International Summer University - PISU 2022

Since its establishment, the UP Summer University has been promoting access to international courses to equip students with 21st century skills and develop their academic interests across multidisciplinary approaches. Serving as a catalyst for academic and cultural encounters, the PISU is a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on your potentials and widen your horizons across 13 courses offered in various fields.

Delivered by international academics from the Balkan Region and beyond, the PISU represents a stepping stone towards extending academic cooperation across institutions, sharing scientific expertise and teaching practices which promote active learning and student-centered pedagogies.

Whether you are a student or academic practitioner interested in taking part in this valuable experience, you will become part of an innovative learning community that values ‘humans’ as contributors and co-builders in shaping new meanings and cultural identities.

Courses and online events
All PISU courses do not only cater for a rich academic experience, but, furthermore, they will significantly contribute towards your BA/MA ECTS scores through a Credit Transfer Certificate. Apart from the accredited courses of your choice, the PSU experience will include exciting live events that will enrich your virtual learning journey.

Deadline for application: 4 June 2022
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If you have any further queries, please contact [email protected].