Traces of the "Dardanian City" from the 6th century have been discovered in Ulpiana

14 Gusht 2023

Professors and students from the University of Prishtina's Anthropology & History Departments have uncovered a stunning inscription – the dedication by Justinian The Great to "Dardanian city" dating back to the 6th century!   

During the excavations carried out in Ulpiana (Justiniana Secunda), an inscription was discovered in the Early Christian Church, dedication from Emperor Justinian the Great  (527-565) to the Dardanian city (Urbem Dardaniae). This arhcaeological discovery is among the most significant discoveries in the archaeology of Kosovo, serving as a reference to the continuity and importance of Dardanian identity in late antiquity and early Middle Ages. 

Today, Rector Qerim Qerimi visited the site and was briefed on this monumental revelation by Professor Arben Hajdari, leading the working team.   The excavation effort is a collaborative endeavor involving the Archaeological Institute of Kosovo and France's Ecole Normale