It began the first module on climate change sustainability within the 22nd International Summer University of Prishtina

03 Korrik 2023

On George Bush Street, directly in front of the rectorate building of the University of Prishtina, the first module on the climate cange sustainability was developed within the framework of the 22nd International Summer University of Prishtina, with a lecture by dr. Shahin Berisha and Zeqir Veselaj.

Students participating in this module are not only from Kosovo, but also from Israel, Hungary, Italy and Ghana.

Professors Berisha and Veselaj started this module by learning more about the students' fields of study, the reasons for choosing this module and other relevant information. Then they posed an intriguing question to get the students' attention: Do you think human activity is causing climate change?

Students enthusiastically participated in the discussions to make the lesson even more engaging. While the professors' introductory sections focus on their fields of study and their participation as active lecturers and panelists on climate change and global warning.