Vice-rector Basha Jakupi and vice-rector Breznica Selmani participate in the Erasmus+ contact seminar in Tirana

30 Qershor 2023

The Vice-Rectors of the University of Prishtina, Prof. Dr. Arta Basha Jakupi and Prof. Assoc. Dr. Pranvera Breznica Selmani, participated in the contact seminar on June 21 and 22, which was organized by the Dutch National Agency Erasmus+ (DNAE) in cooperation with the Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo and the Erasmus+ offices in the region. This activity was held in Tirana and was organized by the Netherlands Embassy on June 21.

The main objectives of this workshop were to promote networking and the exchange of effective strategies for cooperation between the Netherlands and the Western Balkans.

Delegations from the Dutch institutions of higher education visited Tirana during these two days to examine the possibility of creating new collaborations with regional universities in order to exchange staff and students through the Erasmus+ program (KA171 - Mobility/International Credit Mobility).

Together with her counterparts from the region and the Netherlands, the Vice- Rector prof. dr. Basha Jakupi participated in the discussion panel and contributed with her knowledge and experience in the field of internationalism. She discussed effective strategies used by the University of Prishtina in cooperation with Dutch universities and emphasized the value of staff and student exchange programs in advancing higher education and fostering an international mindset among higher education institutions.

The participation of Vice-Rectors Prof. Dr. Basha Jakupi and Prof. Assoc. Dr. Breznica Selmani at the Erasmus+ contact seminar in Tirana, showed the commitment of the University of Prishtina to the expansion of international cooperation and the creation of new opportunities for students and their staff.

The University of Prishtina would like to thank the director, Ms. Mimika Dobroshi, and the Kosovo Erasmus+ Office for their commitment and hard work in encouraging student and academic staff exchanges through the Erasmus+ program. The University of Prishtina expresses its belief that its partnership with the Kosovar Erasmus+ Office will continue to yield results and help educational systems develop into modern and competitive institutions of higher education.