The meeting between Rector Qerimi and Ambassador Davenport to talk about present and future collaboration

26 Qershor 2023

Rector of the University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina", prof. dr. Qerim Qerimi, welcomes the Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Ambassador Michael Davenport, accompanied by Sehida Miftari, National Program Officer and Josip Ivanovic, Senior Advisor for Communities, to discuss current and future cooperation with the university, especially with the Faculty of Law and Philology, in areas such as legal education and the teaching of the official languages of Kosovo.

Rector Qerimi started by recalling the early cooperation with the OSCE and on this occasion, the rector expressed his gratitude to the OSCE for the help given to the university, students, faculty and academic resources.

Appreciating the value of cooperation, Ambassador Davenport encouraged further cooperation with academic institutions, especially with the Faculty of Law and Philology. This, according to the ambassador, is because law students will eventually practice the profession of lawyers, and become future prosecutors, while from philology they can help in learning official languages, starting from practical aspects and helping to develop the curriculum of faculty.

In this case, Rector Qerimi assessed how co-teaching in the future for courses, international competitions, promotion of programs and expansion of the number of programs in English offered by the university would deepen the partnership with the OSCE. The Rector also discussed and assessed the possibility of working together to include students from non-majority communities as university students.

At the meeting, Rector Qerimi shared some of the positive and motivating steps that the university is taking for students, including: paid internships for six months; financial support for students with disabilities as a way to improve university infrastructure and treat them equally.

Last but not least, Rector Qerimi informed Ambassador Davenport about the International Summer University of Prishtina, its courses and the number of applicants who had submitted applications from different countries to attend this summer school organized by the University of Prishtina.