The Prishtina International Summer University, in cooperation with the Greek Liaison Office, promotes internationalism in higher education

22 Qershor 2023

The vice-rector for internationalization and academic exchange, prof. dr. Arta Basha Jakupi hosted in an important meeting the head of the Greek Liaison Office in Kosovo, Heleni Vakali.

Ambassador Vakali and vice-rector Basha Jakupi had an essential conversation on the value of internationalism in higher education and the important role that the Greek Liaison Office can play in the promotion of Greek culture and knowledge.

Vice-Rector Basha Jakupi showed strong interest in having a representative from the Greek Liaison Office at the International Summer University of Prishtina. The purpose of this visit is to bring a lecture, presentation, or cultural event that focuses on key components of Greek culture, such as music, movies, or cuisine.

The Prishtina International Summer University, on the other hand, is known for its excellent caliber and capacity to attract students from Kosovo and other countries. This year, it brings together 600 students who have registered to participate in its attractive curriculum, both from Kosovo and from other countries. Students would benefit greatly from Greek representation, which would provide them with new information and a broad cultural perspective.

This meeting demonstrates the commitment of the University of Prishtina and the Greek Liaison Office in Kosovo to promote close cooperation in the field of higher education. Students will have the opportunity to learn in depth about Greek values and customs through an exchange of knowledge and culture, deepening their perspective on the world and the international community.

It is expected with enthusiasm and hope that this collaboration will result in a successful lecture, presentation or cultural event within The Prishtina International Summer University, bringing great joy to the students and other participants.