Launch of a new project "Transforming the Kosovo and Albanian educational system by introducing digital technology in teacher education"

22 Qershor 2023

The Faculty of Education of the University of Prishtina held the launch event of the new project which aims to support students and educators in Kosovo and Albania in the path of digital transformation in the entire chain of the education system, focusing on strengthening digital competences through a specific program and across general courses.

The University of Prishtina is the coordinator, while the partners of the consortium are: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Linnaeus University- LNU, University of OULU, Polytechnic University of Tirana, University of Tirana, Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Kosovo Accreditation Agency, Ukshin Hoti University, UBT College and Kosova Center for Digital Education - KCDE.

Participants in the launch of the project were the ambassador of Finland in Kosovo, His Excellency, Mr. Nissinen, Ambassador of Albania in Kosovo, His Excellency, Mr. Minxhozi, vice-rector for internationalization at the University of Prishtina, prof. dr. Arta Basha Jakupi, dean of the Faculty of Education, prof. dr. Blerim Saqipi, professors and students of the university.

Ambassadors from Finland and Albania addressed the audience and underlined the importance of emphasizing digital technology in teacher education. The ambassadors further emphasized that as a result of the necessity of incorporating digital technology, it creates new opportunities and connects students with teachers and peers around the world.

In her speech, Vice-Rector Basha Jakupi talked about the launch of this important project. The vice-rector highlighted how education has a significant impact on the future of society and how teacher education should include digital technology, which has the potential to improve teaching and learning, foster innovation and prepare future educators for opportunities and challenges of the digital age.

Vice-rector Basha Jakupi added that this effort proves the university's commitment to high teaching standards and belief in the transformative potential of digital technology. "All parties involved in the project must participate actively in order for the project to be successful, including teachers, students and IT companies, as well as government officials and educational institutions", the vice-rector concluded her speech.

Within this project, the dean of the Faculty of Education, prof. Saqipi emphasized that the project not only connects the University of Prishtina and that of Tirana, but also connects the north with the south of Europe, since universities from the Nordic countries are part of the project.

In the last part of the project launch, prof. Nuci proudly presented the project and its objectives. There are a total of five objectives on which the project is based, which is financed by the EU with an implementation period of 2023-2026.