The delegation of the Department for Accreditation and International Relations from Austria was hosted at the University of Prishtina

08 Qershor 2023

The vice-rector for internationalization and academic exchange, Arta Basha Jakupi, hosted a delegation from the Department of Accreditation and International Relations of Austria.

Dr. Maria Weber, head of the Department of Accreditation/ International Relations at AQ Austria, and Barbara Schinwald, Department of Accreditation at AQ Austria, led the delegation, which was joined by Naim Gashi, general director of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, and Arianit Krasniqi, coordinator for the twinning project with AQ Austria.

In her opening remarks, Vice-Rector Basha Jakupi emphasized the importance of the University of Pristina's internationalization and the development of more international programs, which are especially important in the university's progress in courses and programs in other languages, such as English. In this strategy, the University of Pristina will seek to engage in as many Joint Programs as possible by establishing Memorandums of Understanding with universities from around the world. Because they comply to the same European standards, these cooperation projects have a tremendous impact.

Given that vice-rector Basha Jakupi has experience in the management and assessment of quality and other processes in higher education institutions, as well as serving as an external international expert for the evaluation of higher education institutions by various EU accreditation agencies, she informed the Austrian delegation about the University of Pristina, its function, and positive relationships with the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, as well as alignment with European universities in terms of educational quality and the extent to which national accreditation processes may meet the requirements for compliance with European standards.

While, Dr. Maria Weber, head of Accreditation and International Relations at AQ Austria, provided information on the Austrian university and graduate and postgraduate education systems, as well as the operation of public, private, and private-private universities. During this conversation, the Austrian delegation brought up a pleasant topic: the European Joint Program with Austrian universities, particularly the University of Salzburg in Austria, with whom the University of Pristina will negotiate in the next phase.

Finally, the Austrian delegation was given a glimpse of the University of Prishtina, its faculties and programs, international cooperation, and the University of Prishtina's International Summer University, which draws students from all over the world to Prishtina.