Botanical garden – the lastes space of the University of Pristina, dedicated to plants and the environment

11 Maj 2023

In the courtyard of the Faculty of Philology, UP has inaugurated the "Botanical Garden", where students and professors will have the opportunity to cultivate and grow different plants. This space will not only serve the students as a living laboratory, but will also be enabled to be visited by the general public. 

Rector Qerim Qerimi welcomed the inauguration of this space which is not only useful for the environment, but also attractive and necessary for students. 

Present at this event for the launch of this project were vice-rector Arta Basha - Jakupi, vice-rector Pranvera Breznica - Selmani, deans, professors and students, as well as the initiators of the project, graduates of UP, Tringë Sokoli and Medina Orana. 

The project is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina, Kosovo, and is administered by KUSA.