The staff and students of the Faculty of Medicine conduct research with modern and advanced laboratory equipment

24 Mars 2023

As part of the visit to the research laboratories, the rector Qerim Qerimi together with vice-rectors visited the Faculty of Medicine.

The visit to Institute A, concentrated on the Laboratory of Experimental Biomedicine, was accompanied by the science coordinator of this Faculty, prof. assoc. Armond Daci.

A part of the equipment of this important laboratory is the investment of the university. During this visit, the management also met the active doctoral students financed by scientific projects, as well as those in the practical learning process within the framework of doctoral studies.

During the visit, Rector Qerimi presented to the students the opportunities for doctoral scholarships, as well as the opportunities that are expected to be offered around the scientific project from the European Union, EuropeAid on the provision of high-value scientific equipment and opportunities for mobility as relevant scientific projects within the project " Nanoparticles in Environment and Medical Research".


Among the laboratories that were visited at the Faculty of Medicine, was the Central Laboratory, where they were introduced to the spaces of this laboratory and the equipment that is of a research character, at the molecular level, all of this equipment was planned and purchased from the university budget.


Additionally, the doctoral candidate, ass. Flaka Pasha, presented her scientific work in this laboratory, where it was discussed about the progress of the work carried out, as well as the opportunities that the laboratory offers for all the staff of the Faculty of Medicine for open use.

In addition to the doctoral students and mentors, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, prof. dr. Suzana Manzhuka-Kërliu and the vice-deans concluded the meeting with discussions about the achievements of the University and the increase in the number of programs at the level of doctoral studies.