Open lecture by American professor Anne Campbell about scholarships and opportunities offered to Kosovar students

23 Mars 2023

 In the Amphitheater of the University Library of the University of Pristina, Dr. Anne Campbell, professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in California, USA and at the same time visiting researcher with the Fulbright program of the American Government at MESTI, held an open lecture on the topic "Scholarships for higher education and the future of Kosovo" in front of an audience filled with students, professors and the general public.\

Professor Campbell, an expert in the field of higher education student mobility and scholarship programs, discussed the scholarships and opportunities offered to Kosovar students to study abroad and the possible impact these experiences may have on society in the coming years.

“ In addition to identifying and presenting concrete programs and other alternative scholarship opportunities, aspects related to application strategies and the reasons that motivate the creation of scholarship programs in the first place are also included”- added Campbell.

 The lecture was welcomed by the rector of the University of Prishtina, Qerim Qerimi, who has listed the issue of internationalization as one of the central priorities in his governing program, so in his speech he emphasized the need for attention and action towards the internationalization of the University of Pristina. This includes the internationalization of teaching, research and institutional building. In his welcoming speech, Rector Qerimi emphasized,

"The future is the world; our interaction with others. While we continue to work hard to improve the quality of our system and bring it closer to the standards of our partner institutions in Europe and the United States, we think every student must have the opportunity to spend a semester or two abroad. This is our main objective and we will do everything we can to make this happen for anyone who chooses to do so. But while we encourage everyone to spend time abroad to pursue studies, we also encourage anyone who does to return to Kosovo."- added rector.

Meanwhile, vice-rector Dr. Basha Jakupi emphasized the importance of these opportunities for Kosovar students, helping them financially and in their personal and academic development. This lecture was one of the ways our UP articulates and implements a competitive vision with others in this expanded horizon of internationalization.

The lecture was well received by the students in attendance, who both had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion with Professor Campbell.