•  Lecturer of EU Integration at Political Academy for Progressive Youth organized by Fridrich Ebert Stiftung and Olaf Palme International, October 2011.
•  Panelist at International Conference ‘‘Identity in the Era of Globalization and Europeanization’’ Institute for Political and juridical research, Skopje, 2011.
•  Lecturing the subject (Kosovo Economy and European Union) at Bachelor Degree (2012)
•  Lecturing the subject (Economics of European Integration) at Master Degree (2011)
•  Lecturing the subject (Economics of European integration) at Faculty of Law, 2012.
•  Jean Monnet Workshop for Journalists 2012.
•  Chair of the panel, The European Crises and Western Balkans’’ at the Euroacademia Global Conference ‘’ Paris France 2012.
•  Participant at the 6th Annual European Union Center of Excellence Conference at Dalhousie University, Halifax Canada 2012.
•  Committee Member at 8th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance, Cyprus 2012.